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Category:Moldovan women Wikipedia
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Asian-American Volunteers often find that they stand out more than Caucasians, as there are relatively few ―East Asians‖ in Moldova. People may assume that Asian-American Volunteers are from China, and may express skepticism that they are Americans. In addition some Asian American Volunteers have reported being stopped more frequently by local police to check their identification. While much of this extra attention is not intended to be negative, it can be tiresome.

  • We also can’t help but mention the unusual fashion sense of Moldovan girls.
  • In the central and southern zones, wine making and tobacco growing are widespread.
  • German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock on Tuesday called on Russia to help pressure Syria into allowing humanitarian aid into the country for victims of Monday’s deadly earthquakes quickly and without additional obstacles.

Do not be alarmed or surprised; this doesn’t indicate hostility, but rather, curiosity. The US Embassy in Moldova maintains a list of facilities that provide services in English.

The NRS was designed to facilitate access to protection services by establishing and employing referral procedures for identified victims in order to deliver quality services provided by the cooperative actors in the field. LGBTI women, ethnic minorities (e.g., Gagauz and Roma), women living in rural areas, women in the Transnistria region, and women with disabilities are particularly find more at vulnerable groups in Moldova, who face increased discrimination and challenges.

Republic of Moldova

This article is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International licence. “The authorities should firstly reduce the level of poverty among socially vulnerable groups. Some leaders called for a “protest in the name of our mothers and sisters”, as mothers and sisters arrived in Chișinău themselves to make their voices heard. When members of the Dignity and Truth protest movement announced a new political party, it was described as “a party of the sons of the nation”. Leaders of the protest later said that as they could not control all the speeches during the protest, woman speakers could be invited as well. They earn just half the salary of a worker in the male-dominated car and electronics industry.

If you already feel sick of the growing feminist movement and want to get back to the times when things were simple and traditional, you will feel right at home with a Moldovan bride. These women have not yet jumped on the feminism bandwagon and are very unlikely to do it in the nearest future.

Godparenthood is inherited between generations; however, it is also common for this role to be negotiated independently of previous ties. The army consists of 8,500 ground and air defense troops and has no tanks. As a landlocked country, Moldova has no navy, and after it sold nearly its entire fleet of MIG-29 fighters to the United States in 1997, it was left practically without an air force. The 1999 budget allocated only $5 million to defense spending, 2 percent of the total budget.

These types of commercial activities are flourishing because of market liberalization and the economic downturn. Many educated specialists find it easier to earn money through commercial activities than by practicing their professions.

Political Life

Foreign women should not be surprised or alarmed if their male Moldovan friends take the initiative to pay the bills at a restaurant, open every door in front of them, and/or help them carry items or objects. Men should understand that these nuances will be expected by Moldovan women, even if they’re not in a romantic relationship with one. As one of the least visited countries on the planet, you are likely to attract a lot of stares from the locals.

Marriage in Moldova is unique and the engagements are through the families of the bride and the groom. After the engagement, the groom finds two or three men to act as witnesses for his proposal to his bride. Afterward, the witnesses guard the bride until her wedding day arrives. These men also promise to carry out her last wish if she dies before her wedding day.


She wants to receive professional training and wants to have her own home. At the present moment, Ileana is living with her sister and trying to build a new relationship with her. In the near future she will begin some professional development courses. Foreign women may often attract the attention of Moldovan men and are sometimes seen as “easy”. You should especially be careful when making direct eye contact with Moldovan men; it can get a Moldovan man to think you are “into” him. In rural areas, it is a social taboo for women to smoke or drink alcohol. Although you may get away with it as a foreigner, it’s best to follow suit so as to not stand out like a sore thumb.

Since 1994, ABA ROLI has worked with government, justice and security sectors, civil society organizations, and communities in almost all regions of Moldova. Additionally, ABA ROLI has cultivated strong relationships with the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor General Office, and the legal aid community. While Sandu has already written history pages by being the first female President of Moldova, she could also do so by rapproaching her country to the European Union. “Yes, I’ve been promoting EU integration, Moldova’s EU integration. And this is what I’m going to do as president,” Sandu told Euronews after her victory.


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